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Q: Who is the conference for? Is my husband going to be the only man attending? Can I bring my mother/sister/friend?

A: While the conference is mainly targeted to couples (lots of men attend!) and individuals who are struggling to build their families, anyone who has been touched by infertility is welcome to attend. Loved ones of those struggling with infertility will have their eyes opened to the complex world of infertility and family building and professionals will have their knowledge expanded.


Q: Where is the conference located? Where do I park?

A:  The 2018 conference is being held in the Karen Gail Miller Conference Center which is located on the Salt Lake Community College Miller Campus in Sandy. The address is 9750 300 W, Sandy, UT 84070. There is free parking located in the parking lots directly outside the conference center.  


Q: I have a special diet. Can you accommodate my dietary needs for lunch?

A: We will be offering regular, vegetarian, and gluten free options for lunch. We need to provide a count of vegetarian and gluten free lunches to our catering company before the conference and ask that you check the appropriate option during your registration.


Q: I really want to attend the conference, but money is so tight right now. Do you have any scholarships available?
A: We want everyone who wants to attend the conference to be able to do so. If cost is a barrier to attending the conference, please contact us for a scholarship application for a free or reduced fee ticket.


Q: What if I  can't attend the conference for the entire day?

A: Contact us about purchasing a half day ticket. Please note that the prize drawing is scheduled for the end of the day and you must be present to win.


Q: Are there CEUs available?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer CEUs this year.


Q: I'm interested in attending two breakout sessions at the same time. What should I do?

A: We have a great lineup of sessions and know it can be hard to choose which ones to attend! Past conference attendees have found success in having their spouse or a friend attend another session they were interested in and sharing their notes.


Q: I have been struggling with infertility and now I am finally pregnant! Can I still attend the conference? I'm worried about triggering other people who are still trying.

A: Pregnant women are welcome at the conference. We understand that our attendees are at many stages of their infertility journeys, including pregnancy.


Q: Can I bring my baby/child to the conference?

A: Babies and children are not permitted to attend the conference at this time. We understand that many people with infertility still have responsibilities to their children or may have nursing infants. If you are not able to attend the full conference due to caring for your children, please contact us about a half day ticket.


Q: How are you able to offer low cost tickets? Doesn't it cost a lot more than that to put on the conference?

A: UIRC's cost to host the conference is about $85 per person. Because of the financial support of our generous sponsors, we are able to offer the tickets for a much more affordable price. UIRC does not make any money from the conference.


Q: I have a really great infertility related product/service. Can I have a booth at the conference?

A: Click here to apply for a vendor space. Vendor space is limited and priority goes to sponsors. To learn more about sponsorship, click here.


Q: I would like to present at the conference. How do I get chosen?

A:  If you are interested in presenting at this year's conference, fill out the speaker application here. Deadline to apply is August 9.